The amount of energy and ways in which humans have been using energy has been evolving together with the society. As human populations have been growing and the quality of life has increased, the energy sources have become more and more sophisticated. Earlier, people had to cope with the challenge of being able to light a fire.

Thousands of years ago, people only had skins of mammoth and other animals to keep them warm during the cold winter months. The quality and way of life were not much different from the quality of life of the animals. Once people have figured out how to start and keep a fire, the humanity began its gradual elevation in the way of life that people are enjoying today, including being able to stay warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather and prepare foods in a variety of ways.

Human population didn’t grow during the first thousand years of human existence. Then, the numbers began to gradually climb up. To a large extent, this happened because more and more energy was becoming readily available. As humans were learning to find and use more and more energy, the increase in population started to accelerate.

The consumption of energy is growing even faster today. This happens because people are seeking more and more comfort in their lives. Also, people in the twentieth and the twenty-first century mostly switched to using ordered energy and it takes a lot of raw energy to create ordered energy. Firewood is an example of raw energy. Electricity is an example of ordered energy.

People strive to have consistency in their lives and that’s what ordered energy gives them. Getting more consistency means consuming more energy, which is what the numbers that people accumulated over the centuries suggest. They also suggest that people will keep consuming energy in large amounts, which is why bioenergy is becoming more and more important.